Jon Dorais

Production - Development - Writer - Animator



Contact Info

Animation Reel, Digital Video, 2 min, 2019

This also serves as a Production Reel, due to me serving as a producer for all of the following animation projects.

My Artist Statement

Hi there! I'm Jon Dorais, or Jonny Yoon Dorais as said on the credits for past productions. I use both my parents names as a way of honoring my family origins from Korea and France. Everybody has a story to tell. And as a student filmmaker and animator, I lacked money or resources for projects. I wanted a form of animation that could be faster, affordable, and just as impactful with limited resources. To fix this problem, I came up with a computer animation technique that used 2D-looking models in 3D sets. This has become an outlet for two award-winning pilots, and it continues to make seemingly impossible ideas possible.

Thousand Dollar chocolate, Digital Video, 11 min, 2019

Lead Animator, Writer, Producer, Voice Actor

A follow-up episode to the pilot, Wacky Towns, featuring new characters, new environments and a new story -- all made by a team that is once again entirely students.

Les Is More, Digital Video, 6 min, 2018

Producer, Lead Animator

A pilot for an animated web-series with a fanbase. This "monster-of-the-week" type short features 3D and 2D characters animated on a computerized multi-pane camera.

My Friends A K-pop Star, Digital Video, 14 min, 2020

Writer, Director, Producer

My Thesis Film - a comedy short about a k-pop star coming to America and losing her cellphone amidst a scandal.

Wacky Towns, Digital Video, 12 min, 2018

Director, Writer, Producer, Lead Animator, Voice Actor

My directorial debut and award-winning pilot about a town where everyone is encouraged- or forced to the best they can be. The animation includes 2D characters in a 3D cel-shaded world.

An original cartoon pilot for a potential TV series involving a combined cast and crew of over 20 people - all of whom are students.

Filmset Nightmares with David Remssay, Digital Video, 5 min, 2019

Writer, Director

Jury Award Winner at Campus Movie Fest (CMF) for San Jose State University. My live-action debut - a mockumentary parody of Gordon Ramsay being on a film set instead of a kitchen.

Lead actor Sam Perrings received the silver tripod award for Best Actor at CMF.

Choco Poca Trailer, Digital Video, 1 min, 2017

Series Creator, Animator, Editor

Trailer for a complete webseries that blends 2D and 3D animation.

Cookies for Sale, Digital Video, 30 sec, 2018

Producer, Writer, Director, Voice Actor, Animator

An animated short used for the marketing of "Wacky Towns."

Welcome to Burgrz, Digital Video, 3 min, 2018

Producer, Art Director, Voice Actor

A short "mockumentary" animatic taking the world of "Wacky Towns" and presenting it with a new director's vision.

Art Reel, Digital Video, 1 min, 2019

This reel showcases my 3D modeling, lighting, and coloring as well as 3D animation.